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Who Fouled Up the Election Essay - 947 Words

I had read a story long time ago in which the main character, attacked by someone at night, wonders about who might have assaulted him even though he had no enemy but concludes that everyone around him could have reason to hurt him. The UCPN (Maoist) finds itself in that character’s predicament after the recent election debacle. But there is a major difference between the story character and Maoist leaders: The former quietly pondered while the latter have been making hue and cry about domestic and foreign players playing foul in the election. So much so that the Maoists have announced that they would boycott CA II if their complaint about the election fraud were not properly addressed. The election turned out to be a big shock for the†¦show more content†¦The domestic players are known: The Nepali Congress and the CPN (UML). The usual external suspects are India and Western countries. Of course, India prodded Nepal to go for the polls at the earliest and helped organize them with equipment and materials. But it apparently did not try to influence the outcome as such. India did not help Madheshi parties, even though Rajendra Mahato, the Sadbhavana Party leader, has said their defeat was India’s defeat. There is no indication, let alone proof, that Western countries tried to shape the election result. Why should they? They are sympathetic to the Maoist proposal to carve Nepal into an ethnic federal state. And they do not have the kind of network India has in Nepal to influence Nepalese elections, even if they wanted. Let us stretch the net and include China as a potential suspect because it is wary about the ethnic division of states in a federal Nepal. But Beijing would not want to defeat the ideologically closest kin that is also most sympathetic to its most vital interest in Nepal: Control anti-China activities of Tibetan refugees. Put it differently, the conspiracy by national and foreign elements does not wash. That leaves voters disaffection as the only valid and overwhelming reason behind the Maoist electoral meltdown. As the largest party in the CA I, the Maoists could not deliver good government and a new constitution. Government was corrupt and ineffective and the constitutionShow MoreRelatedBerlusconis Struggles Essay2080 Words   |  9 Pagesanalysis of Berlusconi’s government reveals three issues affecting Italy: the garbage pick-up strike in Naples, immigration, and personal scandals. An analysis shows the causes, repercussions and responses to the issues. Silvio Berlusconi was born in Milan on September 29, 1936. According to BBC News, he started out selling vacuum cleaners (â€Å"Profile: Silvio Berlusconi†). He is now a powerful Italian figure who owns three major television networks, newspapers, and the football club AC Milan (SamuelsRead MoreHitler: Speech of 19412031 Words   |  9 Pagesthe initial start of World War two. Many in the world at this time saw the issues that Hitler and the country of Germany proposed, and as many had feared, Germany began to take action. The exigencies which lead up to this speech are many. Hitler was born on April 20TH 1889 and grew up as a child in Braunau am Inn,  . His childhood had a large effect on his psyche and his beliefs. When he was a child, he was beat by his father on a regular basis, which possibly led to his volatile and angry personalityRead MoreMexican-American3148 Words   |  13 Pagesadditionally Là ¡zaro Cà ¡rdenas was a consummate student of history seeking to understand and learn about all the national and international historical underpinnings of Mexico and the world. When Cà ¡rdenas was young he sought to become a teacher but was fouled in his plan by being drawn fully into the politics and military of Mexico, at a time when Mexico was in serious transition. (Wikipedia 2009, â€Å"Là ¡zaro Cà ¡rdenas†) The Mexican Revolution drew Cà ¡rdenas, as it did many others into service of the new governmentRead MoreHall of Fame Steroids Paper3060 Words   |  13 PagesFame is in ant icipation for new members. An election is held each year, no later than January 15th, for players to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The electors from BBWAA consist of retired baseball players, which have been active writers for the BBWAA for at least ten years. These writers are able to select up to ten candidates on each year’s ballot. The ballot consists of candidates which have to meet requirements before being eligible for election. Requirements such as, retired players mustRead MoreThe Essentials of Project Management65719 Words   |  263 Pagesneed to manage at least one project. Perhaps you will have to set up a market research project for your company or arrange an exhibition or other event. Occasional projects might include anything from managing the relocation of a company to organizing a pop festival, from choosing and installinga complex new computer system to conducting a school outward bound expedition, from a do-it-yourself building project to running an election campaign. Most new ventures falling into this occasional projectRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesclearly under enormous stress. To maintain business growth and a sustained economy, it is essential for managers to understand and find solutions for these and other fundamental wide-ranging issues. The bursting of the high-tech bubble both in many start-up companies and in major segments of established firms dissipated many entrepreneurial efforts and the large sums of money that were spent to create organizations that never earned a profit and were often hugely unsuccessful as business entities. However

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