Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Persuasive speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Persuasive speech - Essay Example Secondly, I will provide a simple solution to dealing with second hand smoking. Lastly, I will inform you of the action you can take to avoid being a victim of second hand smoking. A. Statement of need: Just like smoking, second hand smoking has its consequences. Second hand smoking damages the human body by destroying cells (Golden 56). It causes many harmful diseases such as lung cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, and other kind of serious illnesses and eventually death. Second hand smoking also affects people that are asthmatic. According per the Christopher Reynolds, more than twenty million smoking-related deaths have been reported in USA alone since 1964 (67). Among these deaths, 2.5 million deaths are among the non-smokers who have died as a result of second hand smoking. Moreover, during the same time, approximately 100,000 infants have died as a result of second had smoking (Reynolds 68). B. Illustration: Show a picture of Ainsley. I would love for you to meet Ainsley. As you all can see from the picture, Ainsley is lying in a hospital bed after being diagnosed with lung cancer. According to Ainsley’s doctors, his illness has been caused by inhaling too much tobacco from cigarettes. Notably, Ainsley is non-smoker and he has never smoked in his life. Ainsley works in a street that is full of smokers. After working for several years in this street and coming into contact with tobacco smoke dairy, the results are lung cancer. 1. Show a picture of Abbie. Abbie is an asthmatic child. Just the other day, Abbie was rushed to the hospital after suffering a major asthmatic attack which nearly killed her. The cause of this attack was exposure to second hand smoking in the park where she goes to play. As a result of the exposure, her asthmatic episodes have increased. 2. Show a picture of Alton. Alton, may God rest his soul, died when he was just seven months old. His mother was a smoker and she used to smoke

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